Flooring is the most essential part of home decor. It's the choice of your flooring that decides what colour you paint your walls, and what colour of furnishings you will use and the same goes for the furniture and decorative items. So, overall, the focus of the interior design of your home is the flooring. And this is the reason why you must choose the floor material, finish and colour after a lot of consideration. These days white and grey wood flooring are trending. These two colours are becoming popular among both - homeowners and interior designers alike. For the choice of material, one can go with solid wood or engineered wood flooring.



For a long time, practically all consumers preferred wood flooring in shades of brown. Now the trend has changed. Although natural honey hued wood floors are still popular, very light as well as dark wood floors are more in demand. There is already a sizable number of homeowners who like grey and white wood colours and this trend has firmly established itself. The choice of material can be yours and you can go with hardwood or engineered oak flooring, depending on your budget and needs.


Why white wood flooring is trending?


So, why are there so many people who are choosing white wood flooring? White wood floorboards have lately become popular for a variety of reasons. The classic colour works well as a background for practically any colour scheme to go with your home decor. Furthermore, such flooring is vibrant and makes the area appear larger and more lighted, which is why it is highly suited for compact spaces. If you want to lay flooring in a smaller area, a white wood floor is a great choice.


A white coloured hardwood floor or white engineered flooring can add individuality to any space, whether it has a modern setting or is adorned with antique furniture. This flooring will go well with both, a brightly coloured decor and a monochromatic decor. Regardless of whether you choose wide or thin boards, white flooring will brighten the space and give the impression that it is larger than it is.


We are confident that you will not be disappointed with your decision to install white wood floorboards. This flooring is available in a wide range of finishes, including a lacquered finish or a brushed and oiled finish that gives your floor an aged appearance. The white wood flooring always appears classy and inviting.


Why Grey Wood Flooring is popular?


It's easy to see why grey hardwood or grey engineered flooring is becoming so popular. Some people dislike very dark flooring because they fear they may come to regret their decision. In such cases, homeowners frequently choose grey as a good midway option. Grey flooring, like white, is ideal for a monochromatic home decor theme. It can also go with subdued colour palettes or neutral tones. Grey flooring complements both modern and boho interior settings. It may make a strong design statement, especially if your home decor is well-planned.


Here we are mentioning some of the hot selling flooring options for you to select as per your liking and home interiors.


White Brush Matt Lacquered Herringbone Rustic Floor


125mm x 18/3mm x 600mm White Brush & Matt Lacquered Herringbone Engineered Rustic Flooring


125mm wide and 18mm thick with a 3mm real wood top layer and then the 600mm length for the final touch. This product is super easy to install because of the tongue and groove system. It is available at Floorsave online. This board is finished off with rustic grading, brushed texture, and that stunning white colour, not to mention the protective matt lacquer. It can be fitted directly to the subfloor.



Gunmetal Grey Brush & Matt Lacquered Herringbone Engineered Rustic Flooring


125mm broad and 18mm thick with a 3mm real wood veneer then 600mm length for the final touch. This product is easy to install because of the tongue and groove mechanism. This board is finished off with rustic grading, brushed texture and that gorgeous grey colour, and the protective matt lacquer. It is also available on the Floorsave website. Please be sure you follow the manufacturer's installation instructions.


Hope this article will help you make a smart decision and you will buy the best flooring option for your home. Good luck with your home renovation project!


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