wood flooring

  1. What is Engineered Wood Flooring?

    Wood flooring is an ever-popular choice for all sorts of homes. It's a timeless décor feature that will never go out of style, but a solid hardwood floor can be extremely expensive to buy and install. With this in mind, there are a number of alternative options that customers can opt for instead.

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  2. Finishes for Hardwood Floors - Why Are They Different?

    The aim of this article is to explain the unique attributes of the different finishes for hardwood floors, in order to help you choose the right type according to your own personal taste and needs. Each wood floor finish has its own benefits and appearances. Your final decision will determine how your surface should be cleaned and maintained.

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  3. Maintenance Oil for Wood Flooring - How and Why?

    Maintenance oil for wood flooring covers two key elements that will keep your wood floor looking great for a long time. If your wood floor comes with an oiled finish you will need to apply periodically a maintenance oil  to enhance its beauty and longevity. Hence, it is extremely important to pay attention to your floor's needs on a regular basis.

    Image courtesy by fantastic-floor.com Image courtesy by fantastic-floor.com
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  4. Wood Floor Installation Techniques - Which One and Why?

    Image courtesy by moderncarpetone.com Image courtesy by moderncarpetone.com

    Different wood floor installation techniques are required for each type of floor. Considering you are already aware of the benefits that wood flooring comprises over other kinds of floors, it is now time to move onto the installation process, and more specifically to the different wood floor installation techniques that you'll need to apply according to each type of floor.

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  5. Make a Dog Bed - How to DIY

    Another idea aimed to our little friends! If you have plenty of leftover wood planks you can easily make a dog bed. Something that will stand out, keep things clean and tidy and add character to your home.

    We researched quite a while for this and we found this tutorial by Dona at Crafted Niche who came up with the idea of making a unique (and quite stylish we'd say) dog bed!

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