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Want to make your home decor game a notch up? We are going to uncover the sensational and trending flooring colour trends that will woo your visitors and guests.


There is no denying in saying that hardwood décor enhances the value of home interior and its popularity is multiplying with passing time.


We understand choosing the hardwood colour is perhaps a head-banging task for some of you. Fret not a bit. The reason for this is that there are numerous options available out there in the market.


We will bring light to certain hardwood and engineered wood flooring colours that will add interest and accentuate the look of your home.


So, without any further ado, let's get started.


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I deeply believe that beautiful decor can have a beneficial influence on our lives.


Have you ever given it a thought that some rooms with excellent floor colour exude warmth and positive energy? Yes, folks, floors are the foundation of our home. Why not be specific about the colours?


Blonde Hardwood

Are you fond of blonde colour? Trust me I am! The reason being irrespective of the type of house you live the blonde hardwood colour works well and looks perfect.

Also, if you prioritize style above maintenance then go for it.


Light, natural and subtle

Folks, the latest style is about being more subtle. Want to get exclusive and yet sophisticated with flooring colour. Why not opt for white oak. TBH, white oak colour lends such an amazing and neutral appearance to your space. It will brighten up your space amazingly. The spaces with daylight are ideal for white oak. It will add a modern touch to your space certainly.


Grey-Toned Hardwood

The colour grey is all the rage these days. Are you too a fan of grey flooring? We have been noticed increasing fondness for a grey tone wood colour.


Soft Hues

If keeping it classy and subtle is your style, it’s a great choice to make a statement. You could opt for high-gloss or maybe matte finish. 


You perhaps accustomed to the fact that adding minimalistic interiors creates visual interest specifically when teamed with contrasting tones.


Brighten up your space by opting the right wooden flooring colour. 


Why not explore or browse a fantastic range of Engineered Oak Flooring and other flooring options and make a significant purchase for your home. Remember a room should feel collected not decorated.