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Our 'How To' category is aimed both at the DIY enthusiast and professional floor fitter. Here you can find wood flooring installation tips and techniques to make your installation run more smoothly.

  1. Latest Laminate Flooring Trends 2020 | Laminate Flooring Thickness Guide

    Choosing laminate flooring for your home can be a tough decision with all the options available in the market. Apart from the different designs, styles and colours that you can select from, one of the main factors that will influence your final decision and budget, is the plank thickness. Laminate flooring comes in a variety of thicknesses and if you are trying to figure out what each of them serves, then you are reading the right article.

    Latest Laminate Flooring Trends 2020:-

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  2. Flooring Buying Guide- Everything You need to know

    "Hola Homeowners"


    Our expert flooring guide will help you to choose the best floor for your home renovation endeavor. Are you on the lookout for new Wood Flooring? Fret not! We got you covered.


    The type of floor you consider can make or break the aesthetics of your home so be wise while picking the best flooring. Today flooring options are so myriad, it’s quite challenging to find the one that complements your lifestyle and budget. 


    Choosing the flooring that is ideal for y

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  3. How To Add Elegance And Value To Your Home With Oak Flooring

    Oak Flooring

    Are you planning to replace the flooring as it’s looking too old and worn out with scratches? There can be many flooring options out there to choose from. Oak flooring tops the list as it not only adds style to your home decor but also adds value to your home. Yes, the worth of your house increases with the luxurious solid Oak flooring and immediately attracts attention. If you want to work something out within your budget then engineered Oak flooring comes in handy.

    There is no match to the elegance and durability of Oak. It's like an old wine that gets better with time!


    Engineered Oak Flooring


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  4. Solid Wood Flooring or Engineered Wood Flooring?

    Solid wood flooring or engineered wood flooring? This is perhaps the most common question facing anyone looking to lay a new floor in their home. In truth it has never been easier, or more cost effective, to achieve the perfect finish but deciding whether to lay down an expensive solid wood floor or to go with the modern equivalent of engineered wood flooring, still needs careful consideration.

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  5. Protect Your Flooring When Redecorating

    However careful and precise you are in decorating your home, there will be an inevitable paint spill or collection of wayward dust. For that reason, you should take steps to prevent any of these reaching your carpets or wood flooring. There is a huge market of protective films, sheets and tapes to help guard your flooring. Preparation is the key; having these protective measures in place to start with will avoid costly clean-up jobs afterwards.

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