Unfinished Wood Flooring is one of the most popular choices among people who like to retain wood in its natural state. It adds an amazing touch to your home. Besides wooden floors also have numerous benefits that you can ever expect.

Few of the several benefits of wood floor are durability, longitivity and also provides healthier air quality. The aesthetic look which it provides is second to none. However, the most important thing with wood flooring is their maintenance. Without proper care, you risk exorbitant damages that are quite difficult to deal with. Having said that, there’re ample solutions to clean and maintain your unfinished floors.

While considering all this, let’s look at the top 7 tips to maintain your wood floor.

1. Cleaning Schedule

With unfinished flooring, it’s important to have a proper cleaning schedule. The main reason behind this is unfinished wood has a different way of catching muck and dirt unlike other floorings. Hence, cleaning it regularly will let you beat the trapped muck.

2. Use Reliable Cleaning Solutions

Opt for cleaning solutions with successful track records. Don’t use something that you have never heard about, you could risk vandalizing your floor. Using any cheap and off-brand cleaning solution may result in staining your floor. A good option is to use natural cleaning products.

3. Use Different Cleaning Tools

Using different cleaning tools is way more beneficial than using only one. Such as using a vacuum and mop combo, this contributes to a double layer of protection and cleaning. It also helps in reducing staining and scratches. This gets even better when you combine this method with reliable solutions.

4. Don’t be too Harsh While Cleaning

Unlike other floors, unfinished wood cannot handle tough and harsh cleaning. Using harsh chemicals will not only destroy the look of your floor, but it can also cause enduring damages, due to which you might altogether require a new floor. Hence, always be gentle while cleaning your Unfinished Engineered Flooring.

5. Go Slowly

Since wood floorings are designed with technique and patience, the same has to be followed while cleaning them. Take, for example, enough time to clean it thoroughly. Use cleaning solutions properly and clean slowly.

6. Use Electric Blower to Clean Dust

You’ll be surprised to see that even after wet cleaning the floor, a lot of dirt and dust will still be around. Thus, for this reason your floor will require the use of electric blower over it. Obviously this process needs to be followed for the outside flooring whereas for indoors, hardwood vacuum will enough.

7. If Needed Sand Areas

Sanding floors is the last thing to consider when it comes to cleaning unfinished Engineered Parquet Flooring, if everything else fails. Although, it might end up saving your floor’s look in some cases. This method should only be used if there are any deep stains on your floor.

If you are worried about cleaning your wood flooring, an expert helping hand will come to your rescue. So, get in touch, at Floorsave we are always happy to help!