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  1. Reasons Engineered Flooring Reigns Supreme in Today’s Homes

    Owning a home which is not only beautiful but also strong is the dream of almost everyone. No one wants a home which is beautiful from outside but is not strong enough to take the pains of time. Flooring plays a major role in deciding whether a home is strong enough or not and whether it is going to stay in the same condition for a longer period of time. Wood flooring is the first choice for a number of individuals these days as they exude royalty, charm and sophistication. But the natural wooden flooring is not as strong as it appears to be and with the passage of time, it degrades and degenerates too. Therefore, today we will be talking about the substitute for this flooring- the engineered flooring. The engineered flooring is the best kind of flooring for people who are in

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  2. Trending Wood Flooring Options in 2024

    Interior designing has been one of the most beautiful things that the human civilisation has come up to. Although making a house still remains the primary dream of every individual but, decorating it from the inside with all the amenities and assets of your choice is something which leads to the complete fulfilment of your dream. There are various ways of decorating your house these days but two things which form the base of this is the wall painting and flooring. While the wall painting is available in all colours of your choice, in the last few years flooring has evolved drastically. Although there are a number of flooring options available, wood flooring and engineered wood flooring are something which has gained tremendous popularity these days. In the year 2023, these were the best flooring option keeping in mind the weather conditions and the luxuries that this flooring provides. Moreover,

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  3. Types of Wood Floorings That Will Elevate Your Rooftop Space

    Flooring forms the main attraction of any space and especially when it’s a rooftop area, the flooring is the only thing which receives the entire limelight. Therefore, at Floorsave, we make sure that you pay detailed attention to all kinds of flooring options to ensure that you have a beautiful rooftop above your building. These days various kinds of wood floorings are available. But, when it comes to the installation of the flooring in open areas such as rooftops and gardens, there are a few things which must always be kept in mind. Open areas are highly prone to extreme weather conditions such as rain, extreme sunlight, etc. Therefore, make sure that the flooring that you wish to install is able to withstand all these weather conditions and does not get damaged easily.


    Now, let’s explore the various kinds of wood flo

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  4. Pre-Finished vs. On-Site Finished Wood Flooring – Your Ultimate Guide!

    Welcome to Floorsave. Our dream is to build heaven beneath your foot. From helping you choose the right flooring according to your home to assisting you in choosing the best one from the various options available, we have it all for you. These days, as we all know the wood flooring is trending and for good reasons of course. They are classic, durable, have a good strength and of course the installation of wood adds value to your home and increases its price to manifolds. But the question is whether you should go for pre-finished wood for your floor or should you opt for on-site finished wood.


    Here in this article, we will help you in solving this puzzle so that you do not have to think much about what kind of flooring should you get installed and also what are the benefits

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  5. Why Flooring is essential for your Home Decor

    Flooring is a crucial part of home decor. It can help you transform any space by coordinating with the wall colour, furniture and decorative items. It can add a new lease of life to the room. There is a wide range of flooring types, wood species, finishes and colours available on the market that can be used to complement your interior design. Lighter hued flooring can effortlessly brighten up your space. If you like darker shades, you can go with dark hued wood flooring.

    Here we are giving a low down on why good flooring is essential for enhancing your home decor.

    Flooring can Transform the space

    Coordinated home decor is one of the simplest ways to transform any space and make it appear cosy. Do not replace your living room's wood showcase and furniture if they are looking perfect.

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