Flooring forms the main attraction of any space and especially when it’s a rooftop area, the flooring is the only thing which receives the entire limelight. Therefore, at Floorsave, we make sure that you pay detailed attention to all kinds of flooring options to ensure that you have a beautiful rooftop above your building. These days various kinds of wood floorings are available. But, when it comes to the installation of the flooring in open areas such as rooftops and gardens, there are a few things which must always be kept in mind. Open areas are highly prone to extreme weather conditions such as rain, extreme sunlight, etc. Therefore, make sure that the flooring that you wish to install is able to withstand all these weather conditions and does not get damaged easily.


Now, let’s explore the various kinds of wood floorings and see which ones are the best ones which can installed in open spaces.


1. Classic Hardwood Flooring


The classic hardwood flooring is the best flooring option which is being considered by a majority of the people for a very long time now. Known for its durability, strength and beauty, this hardwood flooring is made from various kinds of hardwood such as maple, oak, cherry, etc. These woods are known for their strength and also exude a dark colour which is considered to be the best colour choice for outdoor spaces. Of all these oak flooring stands the test of time and is therefore the most popular one.


Wood Flooring


2. Bamboo Flooring


Extremely resistant to humidity and moisture, bamboo flooring is considered to be the best one for areas with heavy and unpredictable rainfall. This wood has natural grain patterns and lighter hues which makes it a popular choice. If you are someone who is not interested in dark coloured flooring options then try going for the bamboo flooring. This flooring will ensure that you have the most durable, stable and strong flooring installed in your outer space thereby providing you with the peace of mind that even in adverse weather conditions, your flooring is not going to get destroyed.


3. Teak Flooring


If you are someone who wants a luxurious rooftop sitting area then teak flooring is the answer to your questions. The beautiful golden-brown colour radiated by this flooring forms the base of this flooring. Teak is moreover known for its exceptional strength and beauty and therefore is the first choice of the home owners. Usually, the teak flooring has been used for interiors but with the advancement of technology, the engineered wood floorings in the UK are also available. This ensures that the person can get these floorings installed in the open areas as well as engineered floorings are water and weather resistant as well.


4. Walnut Flooring


Want to give a rich, chocolatey look to your roof top? Get this walnut flooring installed. This hardwood is known for its exceptional beauty and a rich luxurious look. Whether you are creating an open roof top or a closed one, this will just elevate the look of your entire area. Not only beautiful, this hardwood flooring is known for its strength as well. So, leave all your doubts and fears aside and you will have the best flooring with a dark theme in your roof top area.


Walnut Flooring


5. Acacia Flooring


Known for its striking grain patterns and colourful hues, acacia adds beauty and drama to your outdoor look. Acacia is known for its repellent properties as well therefore; it is the best choice for area which may not receive extensive cleaning. The acacia wood repeals water and insects and therefore it is the best for outdoor areas. Installation of this flooring thereby ensures longer years of beauty and strength to the buildings.


Summing Up


To sum up, there are various kinds of wood floorings available and therefore, you can easily choose one for your roof top flooring. All you have to do is a thorough background check of the company and then get the item ordered from the website. In a couple of days, you will be able to receive the orders at your doorsteps.