1. Make a Dog Bed - How to DIY

    Another idea aimed to our little friends! If you have plenty of leftover wood planks you can easily make a dog bed. Something that will stand out, keep things clean and tidy and add character to your home. We researched quite a while for this and we found this tutorial by Dona at Crafted Niche who came up with the idea of making a unique (and quite stylish we'd say) dog bed!

    Things you'll need to make a dog bed:

    • 5 to 6 planks of leftover wood floor. Depending on width and length you will be cutting these down to size
    • Hand or circle saw
    • PVA Wood Adhesive
    • Ruler and pencil
    • Sandpaper
    • Spray-paint with colour of your choosing (Look for paints that do not contain lead, zinc or chromate and are animal or infant friendly)
    • Clamp
    • Hammer and nails
    • Clamp (to keep the
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  2. How to Make a Bird Box - DIY

    May is slowly rolling in, we can finally enjoy the nice weather and the blossoming trees and so can our little winged friends! If you have recently finished a wood flooring project and have some leftover wood why not use this opportunity to build a lovely bird box for your garden. They are easy to build and you also gain the opportunity to have a small pair of cute tits right next to your house. birdhouse Ideally for this project you will have some unfinished wood left, though planks with finishes are good to use as well. Provided your have not applied any varnish or any other chemicals on them. The wood necessary for this project is a

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  3. How to Make a Wooden Coaster

    How to make a wooden coaster! Possibly one of the easiest DIY projects out there. Still, have you ever though of using your leftover wood planks for it? The premise is simple: You need a small surface, big enough to hold a big glass or mug, that will act as a buffer between your drink and your favourite surface. Yes of course you can go out and buy those cheap looking cork ones but what if you made your own using your leftover floors? They would look classy, be less prone to slip and could match your lovely furniture too!

    The simple square

    All things considered this is probably the easiest of the possible combinations you can have for left over wood-floor coasters. Essentially it is as easy as it sounds. A square cut piece of wood.

    Things you'll need to make a wooden coaster:

    • Your leftover plank of wood. If unfinished you can put your own finish or
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  4. Make a Coat Rack - How to DIY

    There are times that you might not have much leftovers left. Some scraps here and there or perhaps a couple of floor boards remaining. What do you do with those? How could you turn them into something useful and wonderful? Well we have researched a lot of DIY ideas that use small wooden surfaces and one of our favorite ones was how to make a Coat rack. The premise is quite simple when you decide to make a coat rack; Take your plank of hardwood floor, drill and screw some hooks on it and mount it on the wall. That would indeed make for a very simple (yet nice) coat rack. Here are some better ideas on how to make a coat rack that will add style and beauty to your wall:

    Floral wallpaper wooden coat rack

    Kate's Pretty Paper Coat Rack
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  5. How to Build a Table - Use Leftover Floor-Boards

    Whenever you decide to install new hardwood floors you are always advised to calculate a small percentage for wastage when you buy. After your project is done you usually end up with a considerable amount of hardwood floor planks that you have no idea what to do with. Perhaps a future DIY project? If yes, then this article will teach you how to build a table out of leftover floor-boards. There are many options in building a table from your leftover hard wood floor. In this article we'll see the most common methods on building your won table and how those apply.

    Parts you will need on a "how to build a table" DIY project:

    All your base are belong to us

    First of all, you need a base for your table. Your easiest option is finding one at a local re-used furniture shops, craigslist-type websites or even an old table you might have lying around in need of a do-over.
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