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  1. Domestic Wood Flooring Species

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    In our previous article, wood species for hardwood flooring how to pick, we went through the factors you need to consider when choosing wood species for your wood flooring. Today, we will examine some of the popular domestic wood flooring species, in order to give you a basic understanding about the various qualities and attributes, each of them can bring to your home.

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  2. How to Choose the Right Color for Hardwood Floors

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    Once you have selected the species of your hardwood, the next step would be to pick up the ideal color. Choosing the right color for hardwood floors is one of the most important factors you need to consider, as it can make a big difference in the way a room looks and feels.

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  3. Effects of Moisture on Hardwood Floors

    So you've just decided to put hardwood floors into your home. Great choice, indeed! However, before you dive right in and start fitting the first planks, it is vital to know the effects of moisture on hardwood floors. It is a fact, that the majority of problems affecting the quality of hardwood flooring installation , are related to moisture.

    Why? Because wood is a natural, living material, that responds to changes in atmospheric humidity, by expanding and contracting. During the warm months it expands and during winter it contracts.

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  4. Lou's Flooring Inspection Service

    Ask Lou Collins of Floorsave

    Here at Floorsave, we realize that buying a new wood flooring for your home is a big investment that should provide a lifetime of enjoyment. However, there are no guarantees that there will be no problems with it once installed. Improper installation and moisture can cause numerous problems to your floor, such as cupping, crowning or buckling and such issues require immediate response.

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