Ask Lou Collins of Floorsave

Here at Floorsave, we realize that buying a new wood flooring for your home is a big investment that should provide a lifetime of enjoyment. However, there are no guarantees that there will be no problems with it once installed. Improper installation and moisture can cause numerous problems to your floor, such as cupping, crowning or buckling and such issues require immediate response.

When this happens, there is little you can do about and asking the manufacturer to resolve the problem, may take you long time. Well, whatever the case might be, we can help. Lou's flooring inspection service, will give you a complete insight on what has gone wrong, in case your flooring started to show defects and need looking at.

Note: Inspection is carried for all types of floor-coverings.

Why ask Lou and not a high street name?

Lou Collins, has over 29 years of experience in the flooring industry. In 1993, when he was still working as a floor-layer, in response to the rapid growth of the wood floor-coverings market, Lou spotted the opportunity and decided to open his first store in a small premises, in south west London. Today, he is the owner of Floorsave, Jordan's wood flooring warehouse and part owner of trade carpets and runs his businesses together with his wife Sarah. After so many years, Lou has a vast knowledge and experience of flooring problems and solutions in all types of floor-coverings. So why not ask the Boss?

What does Lou's flooring inspection service include?

Whether you are in a residential, or commercial location, Lou will visit you for an on-site inspection in order to address your concerns. There, he will take moisture and humidity readings, as well as photos for further examination of the problem. Once he knows what has gone wrong with your flooring, he either will give a verbal finding on site, or put his findings in an email within 48 hours. In addition to that, we will, where we can, put together a possible solution to the problem and this will be also send by email. Note that we are not arbitrators, therefore we will only speak with the person who has engaged our services.

For those who wish, we can also provide you with a detailed full written report, summarising our findings. The report will include information on what has caused the problem to your floor as well as possible solutions and will be accompanied with photos showing any/all issues.

For more information regarding our service charges and terms & conditions click here. Alternatively, if you have a question, call Lou on 020 3837 9950.