Floor Fitting Video Tutorials

Our floor fitting video tutorials give you professional guidance on floor fitting. Includes tips and tricks on the more challenging tasks.

  1. How to Fit Solid Wood Flooring with Tongue Tite Screws

    The use of Tongue Tite Screws will work in exactly the same way as using a Porter Nailer.

    Once you have laid your first row of the flooring, place the first board of the second row in and tap with a hammer until it has fitted nice and tightly. Take your cordless screwdriver and insert the Tongue Tite Screw and insert into the tongue of the wood at a diagonal directly through into the sub-floor. Repeat this process until you reach the end of the room.

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  2. Fitting Solid Wood Flooring Around the Edge of a Room

    In this video tutorial, we show you how to fit solid wood flooring around the edge of a room.

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  3. How to Fit a Matt Well

    Natural Coir matting in any front door area is a perfect way to reduce the wear of your wood or laminate flooring. Its rough texture will clean any footwear on entering your property. It will also create a lovely feature. In this video tutorial out top floor fitter will show you how to fit a matt well.

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  4. How to Fit Multi-Ply on Underlay

    The fitting of multi-ply on underlay is the same as fitting any laminate floor. Once a suitable underlay is rolled/placed on the sub-floor the multi-ply engineered flooring can be laid as a floating floor on top.

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  5. How to Fit Solid Oak on Stairs with a Router Nosing

    In this video tutorial, we show you how to fit solid oak flooring on a staircase using a router for nosing.

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