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Our 'Interior design' category is aimed at the interior designer and showcases our products in an easily saleable environment, it also helps promote understanding and concepts required for adding wood flooring design to your finished piece.

  1. Mixed Flooring: Irresistible Reasons Why It’s Captivating the World

    Interior designing is something which has taken the world by the storm. These days every little space of thing demands aesthetics and beauty and therefore it has become very important that you understand what are the various options available which will help you in deciding which flooring will just be the right choice for your home. There are various flooring options these days but one important flooring is the wood flooring and the improvised version of the flooring is the engineered wood flooring. These two flooring options are considered to be the best ones among the

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  2. 6 Reasons Why Herringbone Flooring is the Best Pattern for Congested Spaces

    It’s been almost a century and we are here for the reason how and why the herringbone flooring has stood the test of time. Well, there are various reasons which have helped this masterpiece in creating a history but the most important thing is that this herringbone flooring such as the grey engineered herringbone flooring, etc have made a golden journey. This distinctive pattern, characterized by its V-shaped weaving of rectangular tiles, has recently seen a resurgence in popularity. This flooring has made its way especially in spaces where there is less space and the need to accommodate things in the less space is important. So, if y

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  3. Reasons Engineered Flooring Reigns Supreme in Today’s Homes

    Owning a home which is not only beautiful but also strong is the dream of almost everyone. No one wants a home which is beautiful from outside but is not strong enough to take the pains of time. Flooring plays a major role in deciding whether a home is strong enough or not and whether it is going to stay in the same condition for a longer period of time. Wood flooring is the first choice for a number of individuals these days as they exude royalty, charm and sophistication. But the natural wooden flooring is not as strong as it appears to be and with the passage of time, it degrades and degenerates too. Therefore, today we will be talking about the substitute for this flooring- the engineered flooring. The engineered flooring is the best kind of flooring for people who are in

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  4. Why are White and Grey Flooring great for your home?

    Flooring is the most essential part of home decor. It's the choice of your flooring that decides what colour you paint your walls, and what colour of furnishings you will use and the same goes for the furniture and decorative items. So, overall, the focus of the interior design of your home is the flooring. And this is the reason why you must choose the floor material, finish and colour after a lot of consideration. These days white and grey wood flooring are trending. These two colours are becoming popular among both - homeowners and interior designers alike. For the choice of material, one can go with solid wood or engineered wood flooring.




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  5. Flooring Ideas That Will Give Wow Factor to your Home

    Planning a Renovation?

    Give your house a glamorous look and make it the best place to live. All that is required is right flooring as it is the leading factor that enhances the appearance of any home. It can make your room look smaller or larger, funky or elegant, ultra-modern or vintage, or anything that you want it to be. Although besides looks and style other factors that need to be considered while making flooring choices are their durability, performance, and cost, etc. Right from solid oak flooring to Engineered Wood Flooring to herringbone and Vinyl there are numerous options. So let’s take a look at 3 flooring options to spruce up your home and add that wow factor.


    Herringbone Parquet

    Herringbone w

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