Flooring Accessories Explained

Flooring Accessories

Our Flooring Accessories Explained category is designed to show customers how to use the wood flooring installation and maintenance accessories we sell. Our flooring accessories include tools, fixings, scotia, door bars and adhesives as well specialist cleaning fluids and maintenance oil. From simple advice on cleaning and preserving your floor using our products to more technical articles on using floor fitting tools.


You will also find advice on selecting the correct underlay depending on your requirements. For example: are you seeking to reduce noise levels? Or do you need an integrated damp proof membrane? Is cost a factor that you need to consider? What kind of sub-floor is the flooring to be laid upon? You will find answers to these and other questions in the articles in this category.

Flooring Tutorials

Our customers can expect to find video tutorials and easy to follow explanations of how our accessories are used and also, to find some great tips along the way.

  1. Using a Wood Flooring Repair Kit

    Video showing how to repair scratches to a solid wood or engineered wood floor with a Jordan's Wood Flooring Repair Kit. Leaves scratches virtually invisible.

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  2. What is Engineered Wood Flooring?

    Wood flooring is an ever-popular choice for all sorts of homes. It's a timeless décor feature that will never go out of style, but a solid hardwood floor can be extremely expensive to buy and install. With this in mind, there are a number of alternative options that customers can opt for instead.

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  3. Timbertech Gold Underlay

    Timbertech Gold Underlay

    Timbertech gold, is a high density rubber-foam underlay, with an integrated backing fleece and a gold vapour film with a joint strip attached on one side.

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  4. Sonic Gold Underlay

    Sonic Gold Underlay

    Sonic gold underlay is a high performance acoustic underlay, suitable for use with solid wood, engineered wood and laminate floors. It is lightweight, easy to fit and the fact that it has a low thermal resistance (TOG rating: 0.9), makes it also ideal for use with underfloor heating systems.

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  5. The Advantages of Poly Foam Underlay

    Polyfoam Underlay

    Polyfoam underlay is an environmentally friendly product made of polyethylene and is ideal for those who want to install a floating floor (laminate or engineered wood flooring) over any type of subfloor that is relatively even, dry and firm. More specifically, such sub-floors can be existing floorboards, plywood, hardboard and chipboard.

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