Timbertech Gold Underlay

Timbertech gold, is a high density rubber-foam underlay, with an integrated backing fleece and a gold vapour film with a joint strip attached on one side.

The gold vapour barrier is there to protect your new flooring against possible moisture damage, caused by dampness migrating from the sub-floor and the self-adhesive strip, ensures maximum joint sealing protection, as well as an easier installation.

Timbertech gold underlay is ideal for use with laminate and engineered floors, that are to be installed over average smooth sub-floors, using the floating method. It is important to mention that even though the manufacturer has classed this products as ideal with underfloor heating, is best to avoid it and use one with a TOG rating of less than 0.5.

Moreover, what makes this underlay popular, is it's exceptional impact sound and in-room (airborne) noise insulation properties. Timbertech gold underlay has been specificaly designed to make your home a quieter place and you can stay confident that no sound will be transmitted from an upper room to a room below. It is not random that it has been characterized as the ultimate acoustic insulation underlay available in the market.

Add to these its outstanding heavy mass stability and stay put quality and you can see why Timbertech gold underlay is ideal for both domestic and contract installations.

Product characteristics:

  • Thickness: 3.3mm
  • Roll: 1m x 10m
  • TOG rating: 0.61
  • Sound reduction rating: 22DB
  • 100% recyclable
  • Water repellent
  • Moisture proof
  • Outstanding resistance to compression