Parquet Flooring Blog

Parquet flooring is an amazing product though fitting may not come cheap. This section will help you get the most from your purchase by offering ideas on how to design and finish your beautiful parquet floor.

  1. Solid Wood Flooring or Engineered Wood Flooring?

    Solid wood flooring or engineered wood flooring? This is perhaps the most common question facing anyone looking to lay a new floor in their home. In truth it has never been easier, or more cost effective, to achieve the perfect finish but deciding whether to lay down an expensive solid wood floor or to go with the modern equivalent of engineered wood flooring, still needs careful consideration.

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  2. A Brief History of Parquet Flooring

    This article should be how to write a non-boring history of parquet flooring, unlike any other parquet history found on the net - that would be the true challenge!

    Parquet flooring is the crème del la crème of wood floors for many reason, mainly because of the cost of install and also because of the final look.

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