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  1. How to Choose Underlay for Laminate Flooring

    White Polyfoam Underlay

    Why do I need to use an underlay for laminate flooring?

    Prior to laminate flooring installation, it is essential that a good quality underlay is laid over the sub-floor. For those who have little or no knowledge at all, the underlay is this soft layer of cushioning, which is placed between the sub-floor and the laminate flooring and it is usually made of foam, sponge rubber or felt.

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  2. How to Fit Solid Wood Flooring Through Doorway

    Installing a new solid wood floor in your home can be an exciting task, but also challenging. Although it takes a lot of hard work and knowledge if you decide to do it yourself, the end result will leave you satisfied, as it will turn your home into a beautiful and warm place for long time. One of the most tricky tasks you will face, would be to fit solid wood flooring through doorway and this is what we will try to teach you through this DIY video tutorial.

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  3. How to Fit Engineered Flooring with Locking System

    In this video tutorial, we show you the benefits of an engineered wood floor that employs the use of a locking system

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  4. Cutting Your Wood with a Table Saw

    If you want to learn how to cut a plank with a table saw without loosing a finger, then you are reading the right post. Although cutting wood with a table saw is not a difficult procedure, there are many professionals and DIYers out there who don't know how to carry it out safely. The truth is that using a table saw is safe and easy if you understand how to do it.

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