1. Wood Floor Installation Techniques - Which One and Why?

    Image courtesy by Image courtesy by Different wood floor installation techniques are required for each type of floor. Considering you are already aware of the benefits that wood flooring comprises over other kinds of floors, it is now time to move onto the installation process, and more specifically to the different wood floor installation techniques that you'll need to apply according to each type of floor. But before we examine the different wood floor installation techniques, it is important to mention that some preparation may need to be done on the sub-floor previously.


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  2. Choosing the Right Flooring for Your Home

    Choosing the right flooring for your home nowadays, may seem like an overwhelming decision due to the large number of options in the market. In order to select the right one, which will suit your personal taste and be practical at the same time, there are a few factors that need to be taken into consideration. Taking some time to examine these factors will help you to highlight your priorities, hence narrow your search, and reduce your worry towards such purchase. Overall, there is no doubt that this procedure will have as a result your long-term satisfaction towards your new floor. how-to-choose-the-Right-Floor-for-you-home

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