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  1. Protect Your Flooring When Redecorating

    However careful and precise you are in decorating your home, there will be an inevitable paint spill or collection of wayward dust. For that reason, you should take steps to prevent any of these reaching your carpets or wood flooring. There is a huge market of protective films, sheets and tapes to help guard your flooring. Preparation is the key; having these protective measures in place to start with will avoid costly clean-up jobs afterwards.

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  2. Timbertech Gold Underlay

    Timbertech Gold Underlay

    Timbertech gold, is a high density rubber-foam underlay, with an integrated backing fleece and a gold vapour film with a joint strip attached on one side.

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  3. New EU Restrictions on Vacuum Cleaners

    Lady Hoovering - Image courtesy by: Image courtesy by:

    Energy conservation is a matter of vital importance to all of us, not only for environmental protection, but also because reducing the amount of energy that we use, is a good way to save money on our monthly energy bill.

    The EU, in an attempt to further reduce energy consumption and bring products with greater energy efficiency to the market, cracks down on powerful vacuum cleaners.

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  4. Home DIY Basics Everyone Should Know

    Whether you've just bought your first home or just haven't been called upon to do any DIY in the past, then you're forgiven for not knowing the basics. However, there are some things that you will need to be able to do in the future. Did you know you can actually devalue your house with poor DIY. Make sure you get up to scratch with the fundamentals:

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