Polyfoam Underlay

Polyfoam underlay is an environmentally friendly product made of polyethylene and is ideal for those who want to install a floating floor (laminate or engineered wood flooring) over any type of subfloor that is relatively even, dry and firm. More specifically, such sub-floors can be existing floorboards, plywood, hardboard and chipboard.

Even though many articles that you'll read on the internet will tell you that poly foam underlay is not suitable for concrete applications, it can be still used, but then a damp proof membrane must first be laid over the sub-floor. This can either be in the form of sheets, or a 2 part damp proof membrane which is a liquid resin that sets to seal the concrete sub-floor.

In general, poly foam is a very cheap and basic underlay but this doesn't mean that it is a poor option. It benefits from a 100% closed-sell structure and is much thicker than the typical foam underlay, so it can absorb minor irregularities of the sub-floor. In addition to that, it has an integrated vapour barrier to protect your new floor against moisture, making it also suitable for underfloor heating.

Moreover it is lightweight and flexible, making it easy for everyone to handle and install. It comes in rolls of 1m X 15m and has a thickness of 2.5mm. The only thing you need to ensure prior to its installation, is that your sub-floor is clean and dry. Once you have laid your underlay, remember to secure each section to its neighbour with masking tape, in order to prevent moisture penetration through any gaps.

Another benefit of poly foam underlay, is its excellent sound impact reduction (6 dB). If you want to reduce the noise travelling from an upper room to the room below, then that's the right underlay for your floating floor.

Finally, poly foam underlay is 100% recyclable, non-allergenic and non toxic.

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