Before you start please ensure you have spacers ready for the expansion gap.

When laying your first row of flooring, use the longest external wall as your starting point as this will probably be the straightest wall. Lay your first board down then hold your second board at an angle and slot this into the end of the previous board until it clicks, then allow the board to lay flat under its own gravity.

Repeat this process until you reach the end of the room. Then measure your last board and cut before placing this at the end of your first row. Please do not throw away the excess from the cut as this board will be the starting plank for the next row.

Once the first row is complete; place your spacers between the wall/skirting and the flooring. Every new floor fitted will need an expansion gap of approximately 10mm.

This process is repeated until the room is completed.

Due to the different fitting systems available, please follow the manufacturer's guidelines.