Flooring is a crucial part of home decor. It can help you transform any space by coordinating with the wall colour, furniture and decorative items. It can add a new lease of life to the room. There is a wide range of flooring types, wood species, finishes and colours available on the market that can be used to complement your interior design. Lighter hued flooring can effortlessly brighten up your space. If you like darker shades, you can go with dark hued wood flooring.

Here we are giving a low down on why good flooring is essential for enhancing your home decor.

Flooring can Transform the space

Coordinated home decor is one of the simplest ways to transform any space and make it appear cosy. Do not replace your living room's wood showcase and furniture if they are looking perfect.


Rather, consider purchasing complementary wood flooring. There are numerous options, designs and styles available to create your dream setting, whether contemporary or vintage. It is an excellent method to revamp your space without spending a lot of money.

Similarly, if you wish to transform your kitchen, you can have oak flooring and colour coordinate it with countertops. Use the same colour as that of the countertop with a similar wooden appearance. This will beautifully unify the space and provide a warm ambience whilst transforming the space as per your liking.

One of the simplest ways to set the mood in a space is to add lights for an added touch of luxury. It will add to the cosiness of the space, particularly during the nights!

After taking these steps, you can see that the area will have a considerably more polished appearance, thanks to the furniture and flooring being coordinated. It resulted in a put together look.

You can add rugs and a few decorative accessories to complete the decor.

Flooring can brighten up the space

Many of us frequently relate the brightening up of space with the wall paint, but there can be other ways as well. A lighter hued solid oak flooring can not only brighten up the room but can also make it look spacious.



Consider replacing the flooring in your entire home by picking gorgeous light colours and designs. It will be simpler compared to making the effort of painting. It will be a great way to enhance the look and feel of your house, and it can also increase your property's value if you select an ideal wood floor.

Today, we have numerous options owing to the joys of online purchasing. Floorsave is your one stop destination, if you are searching for premium quality flooring materials at affordable prices.

The popular options include premium solid wood flooring, engineered wood, vinyl, laminate and herringbone engineered flooring. They also offer a wide range of quality floor accessories to lend a seamless finishing touch to your renovation task.

Popular flooring materials to select

Let's look at various popular types of flooring materials that you can select as per your requirements and home decor.

Solid Wood Flooring

Solid wood flooring can add elegance, warmth and natural charm to your home. The only disadvantage of hardwood is that the boards can swell and deform with humidity and temperature changes.

If you are looking to instantly enhance the aesthetic appeal of your space, then you can go with oak herringbone flooring.

Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered wood flooring is stable compared to solid wood flooring and hence can be used in areas with higher humidity and temperature fluctuations, such as the kitchen.

In look and feel, engineered oak flooring is similar to the solid wood floor as its top layer is made up of authentic wood. And below the top real wood layer, there is a multilayered plywood core that lends strength to the floorboards.

If you are looking for budget friendly floor materials then you can go with laminate or vinyl flooring materials.