Flooring plays a crucial role in home decor. Selecting the right flooring for different rooms in your house may be a difficult task. With numerous styles, materials and finishes to choose from, flooring can be considered the most overwhelming aspect of a home interior design.


In this article, we are giving a low down on the types of flooring materials that you can select for every room in your home, including the wood flooring.




A bedroom is a very personal space and hence your flooring needs to be cosy. When you wake up in the morning, your feet first touch the floor. It should be a pleasant feeling for your bare feet.



The selection of the flooring material for the bedroom is a crucial decision from the decor perspective and it should match your personal preferences.


It must look stylish and at the same time, it should be sturdy. It should be easy to clean and must complement the bedroom's decor.

For the bedroom, solid wood is the most preferred option. It adds warmth and brings aesthetic appeal to your space. It is strong, long-lasting and environmentally friendly. Hardwood oak flooring positively impacts the resale value of your house.


Living Room

Any wood flooring looks great in the living room.


A wood floor can bring warmth to the space, whilst also emanating class and sophistication. If your living room is a low-traffic area, go with solid wood flooring as it will last longer and look aesthetically alluring. If budget is not a constraint, you can opt for exotic species. Engineered wood flooring is an affordable option that can mimic solid wood.


An aesthetically appealing floor option for the living room can be oak herringbone flooring.


If you follow simple cleaning and care instructions, your floors will remain clean and scratch free and the worth of your property will also increase.




The kitchen is an important area of the home. In this area, you would want flooring that is capable of delivering exceptional results. It must be scratch-resistant and moisture-resistant. It must also be able to handle a lot of traffic as well as any kind of damage. And it should be simple to keep clean and maintain.



One can go with the laminate wood flooring, the most popular choice for the kitchen.


But if the wood is your priority, then engineered wood flooring can be used in the kitchen. However, you need to be extra careful and mop the floor immediately in case of spills. Experts recommend a natural oil finish for the engineered oak flooring in the kitchen.


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The bathroom is an area with high moisture so when selecting a flooring material, it is important to keep this in mind. Vinyl and laminate flooring are favoured materials as they are water resistant flooring options. Hardwood flooring, on the other hand, would not be appropriate in a bathroom. The wood floor boards will absorb the moisture, causing them to swell and get damaged.

Hallway and Entrance

The flooring of the hallway and entrance is also important. It has to bear the brunt of dirty footwear, stilettos, pets and kids and is prone to scratches and wear and tear due to dirt. Your selection for the hallway flooring needs to be strong material.

Laminate is ideal for the hallway when you have pets or kids. When it comes to wood flooring, you can go with solid wood or engineered flooring. They are robust and simpler to maintain. Remember Oak is more durable than the walnut. If you keep your flooring clean and maintain it properly, it will have a long lifespan.

Conservatory and Basement

The basement and conservatory are those parts of your house that experience temperature and moisture fluctuations.

When choosing the floor, one needs to remember the fact that a conservatory is exposed to direct sunlight. In that case, solid wood floorboards can fade in colour when exposed to the sun's rays for an extended period.

In moist areas such as the basement, solid wood is not a good choice. Laminate or vinyl floors can be the perfect selection for conservatory and basement.