Whenever you decide to install new hardwood floors you are always advised to calculate a small percentage for wastage when you buy. After your project is done you usually end up with a considerable amount of hardwood floor planks that you have no idea what to do with. Perhaps a future DIY project? If yes, then this article will teach you how to build a table out of leftover floorboards.

There are many options in building a table from your leftover hard wood floor. In this article we'll see the most common methods on building your won table and how those apply.

Parts you will need on a "how to build a table" DIY project:

All your base are belong to us

First of all, you need a base for your table. Your easiest option is finding one at a local re-used furniture shops, craigslist-type websites or even an old table you might have lying around in need of a do-over.

Alternatively you could build your own! Granted, it wouldn't be advisable to use your leftovers for this part since you need a strong, thick solid base. But this guide from the Art of Manliness has some very detailed directions and makes a strong argument on how to build a table from scratch:

"I call it a man table, because it's made from inexpensive wood, can take a beating, and one day your grandchildren will be serving their kids Thanksgiving dinner on it. Being the man that built that table is, well, manly."
Babyrabies has a good article as well on how to build your table base, inspired by the Art of Manliness. Might be easier to follow but nevertheless still manly.


After you have decided what your table base is going to be its time to build your wood-floor table top.


First of all you need a solid, flat surface that you will fix onto your base and base your wood-floor planks on.

After this is done, proceed to fit your wood-floor planks as you would in an actual room! Glue, nail and fit them snuggly, measuring and accommodating for any need to cut the wood beyond the flat surface of the table. We still have some use for those bits that remain.


Once you've fitted the floor on the table and have allowed for some time for it to bond, cut thin rows from the hard-wood floor boards that you have left and line them up to the sides of the table top. Glue and nail them on.

Try and match the length and width of the table as much as you can. If you don't have long enough pieces then take 2 or more and join them together before you fix them on the sides.


Use wood filler to fill any cracks or imperfections that your table-surface might have.

Time to join the parts

It's time to join your table-base with the prepared top-surface. Turn your surface on its other (non-floor) side and lay it on the floor. Bring your base and center it above it.

Angle brackets are usually the best for joining the two parts together. Use 3 or 4 on each side (depending on side) making sure you secure the surface completely on the base. Remember we want this thing to last!


Clean your table and varnish it. Depending on how dark you want it to be you might need to apply and refinish more than once (remember to let each one dry before your re-apply).

Voila! A lovely DIY project with left over hard wood floors that will put to shame any IKEA-like MDF kitchen table!


Hopefully your end result will look something like this!