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  1. Chinalink Independent Floor Testing Laboratory Video

    We would like to thank ChinaLink for allowing us to use their informative video promoting their independent floor testing services. It certainly gives some insight into the punishing tests that all our floors are subjected to.

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  2. Floor Testing by Independent Laboratory

    Floor Testing

    Floorsave has taken the unprecedented step of commissioning independent laboratory tests of its imported flooring products. Floor testing is key to ensuring our products are of a consistently high quality. In addition to this, independent testing also confirms that our manufacturers adhere to best practices and industry standards. China Link Group provide independent laboratory testing services for a range of building materials but, notably, they specialise in testing flooring.

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  3. Using a Wood Flooring Repair Kit

    Video showing how to repair scratches to a solid wood or engineered wood floor with a Jordan's Wood Flooring Repair Kit. Leaves scratches virtually invisible.

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  4. How to Fit Solid Wood Flooring with Tongue Tite Screws

    The use of Tongue Tite Screws will work in exactly the same way as using a Porter Nailer.

    Once you have laid your first row of the flooring, place the first board of the second row in and tap with a hammer until it has fitted nice and tightly. Take your cordless screwdriver and insert the Tongue Tite Screw and insert into the tongue of the wood at a diagonal directly through into the sub-floor. Repeat this process until you reach the end of the room.

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  5. Fitting Solid Wood Flooring Around the Edge of a Room

    In this video tutorial, we show you how to fit solid wood flooring around the edge of a room.

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