Every homeowner dreams to have wood flooring in their house because of its aesthetic appeal and also to enhance their property's value. Wood flooring, be it solid wood or engineered, looks elegant and heightens the visual aspect of your home decor.


You must be having some queries related to the wood floors. Before you plan to buy solid hardwood or engineered wood flooring, it's better to get the answers to all your questions so that you can make an informed decision.


Answers to All your Wood Flooring related Queries


What is the difference between Solid Wood & Engineered Wood Flooring?

Solid wood planks are manufactured using real wood. On the other hand, only the top layer of the engineered oak flooring is solid wood. Below the top layer is the multi layered plywood core. Because of its multi layered construction, engineered wood floors are a better option to be used in areas with temperature and moisture fluctuations. Where solid hardwood can warp or swell, engineered floorboards are less likely to get damaged due to their stable core.


Engineered flooring takes less time to install as compared to solid wood flooring as it is factory finished. Also, it has a click and lock system that makes installing it an easy DIY task.


How to fix dents & scratches in Wood Floors?

In some years, the wood surface end up looking damaged and worn out due to traffic and day to day wear and tear. Dents are a common problem that can impact the look of your solid oak flooring. Many circumstances may cause dents and scratches, such as shifting of furniture. Kids and pets in the house too can lead to scratches and dents due to high activity.


To fix dents and scratches, you would require a filler. The floor filler is a paste formed of natural resin and sawdust. To get a consistent look make sure the colour of the wood filler that you buy matches the floor flawlessly.

You need to fill the scratch with the filler and let it dry. After the filler has dried completely, sand the area to make it seem consistent and even. A simple DIY procedure may be used to repair smaller and less deep scratches. Simply grab a brown crayon and colour the area. For deeper scratches, you can use wood putty.

How to refinish wood flooring?

Day to day wear and tear, sunshine, and several other reasons might cause the colour of your floor to fade gradually, and needs to be refinished to keep it looking new. However, if you maintain your floor properly, there would be no need to restore it frequently.


For refinishing, you first have to clean the floor surface, next sand it down. After this, you will have to stain the floor with the colour of your choice or one that matches your home decor. Let it dry for 10 to 15 hours. Once it's completely dried, apply oil or lacquer finish.

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How to keep wood floors clean?

Maintaining your wood floor is essential as proper cleaning can help it last longer. A routine dusting with a soft cloth or mopping will be enough for cleaning wood floors. Once a week vacuuming will help clean dust and debris. You may also buy a variety of solutions that are specifically designed to keep wood flooring shining.


Painting wood flooring

Wood flooring appeals to many people because of its natural appearance and rustic charm. Although wood floors are available in a variety of finishes, if you want to achieve something that matches your decor, then you can opt for unfinished flooring and paint it as per your liking. When it comes to painting your oak floor, search for paints that are designed to resist the strain that floors endure daily.

High-quality paints are available that are resistant to wear and tear, spilling and stains. Using a primer on the surface while painting will ensure that the paint clings to the surface perfectly. Try to paint the entire floor at the same time to avoid any stroke differences and to ensure that it looks seamless. Minimum two coats of colour are required and once the floor is painted, leave to dry for at least one day.

Hope all your wood flooring related questions have been answered in this article. If you still have any queries, mention them in the comments section below.