White Engineered Wood Flooring

As opposed to natural wood flooring, white engineered flooring (where a protective mixture of white paint and varnish is applied to the planks) is an increasingly popular option for homes of all kinds.

White engineered oak flooring is a cost-effective, elegant and environmentally friendly choice for anyone looking to achieve a vintage-effect in their home or office. Oak is one of the most popular choices of engineered flooring, popular for its gentle grain and light, warm colour. White engineered oak is particularly effective with loft-conversion styles, exposed brickwork and white rustic interior designs.

White engineered wood flooring is created by applying a protective mix of paint and varnish to the wood. It’s particularly popular in brushed and lacquered white oak. Modern developments in engineered wood flooring have helped bring the price of owning a rustic wooden floor down considerably and have opened it up to a much wider customer base. Engineered oak flooring works by combining several layers of ply that are glued or heat-pressed to create a strong internal core. The surface veneer consists of around 4mm of solid oak that sits on-top, giving the overall effect of a solid wood floor.

White engineered oak flooring is also an excellent choice for anyone who has asthma or dust allergies and for areas with high humidity and temperature fluctuations. White engineered wood floors are also offered with a click or a tongue and groove locking system, both suitable for an easy, fast and cost-effective installation.

Why purchase white wood flooring?

If natural wood floors do not offer the kind of effect you would like in your home, a whitewashed wooden floor will add a splash of colour and a point of interest for the room without completely obscuring the natural grain of the wood.

In addition, the white finish helps to plug any cracks or deformities in the grain of the wood which moisture and fungal infections might penetrate, damaging the floor and necessitating a replacement of the plank (or, in extreme cases, the entire floor). This ensures that it will last for years with the proper care, which should be no more than the minimal amount of cleaning.


White Oiled Oak Engineered Flooring


The planks of the flooring are engineered rather than solid, meaning they are comprised of several layers of ply, designed to repel moisture, provide strong support for foot and furniture weight and offer an attractive appearance. This makes the flooring a generally more affordable option than flooring consisting solely of a solid hardwood.

Installation methods

There are three methods which may be used to install the flooring:

  • a floating installation will see the floor propped up on pads rather than nailed or glued down, a technique widely used to reduce noise or vibration throughout flooring
  • a nailed-down installation
  • a glued-down installation

The method used to install your flooring will depend on the room and your requirements as far as sound vibration is concerned.

Engineered white wood flooring pricing

The prices of white wood flooring are very affordable and are calculated according to the area you wish to cover – the bigger the area to be covered is, the more it will cost to do so.

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