Coloured Mastic aka Acrylic Sealant

What is Coloured Mastic / Acrylic Sealant?

Mastic is a flexible sealant, available in a number of colours. Mastic also has waterproof, sealant qualities.

What is mastic used for when installing flooring

Acrylic Mastic

Mastic or Acrylic sealant is used in a number of ways when installing either solid wood floors, engineered wood floors or laminated flooring. Mastic comes in a number of colors and is often used for small repairs, to tidy unsightly areas, to fill gaps between boards, to give a finished look around door frames and also to seal the joins of scotia.

How to use mastic

Mastic comes in a tube with a detachable coned end. First cut or pierce the end of the mastic tube, screw the cone on to the tube and then place the tube into a mastic gun. To apply the sealant, simply squeeze the trigger gently.

  • TIP - Try to use a steady flow when applying the sealant.
  • TIP -Once the sealant has been applied to the intended area it may need to be smoothed out. The best way to achieve this is with a slightly dampened cloth. This way the sealant won't stick.

Tools required

Sealant / Mastic gun