Wood Flooring Buffing Machines

Buffing machines can be used to clean and oil a brushed and oiled solid wood or engineered wood floor, some buffing machines can be heavy and difficult to operate unless you are experienced. The advantage of the Floorboy XL300 is that it is made for the home rather then more regular commercial use.

Being light weight makes the Floorboy XL300 easy to operate and store. Professional floor installers use floor buffing machines because they are quicker and do a better job than applying the oil by hand.

Buffing an oiled floor surface

First clean your wood flooring using a recommended wood floor cleaner like Floor Service parquet cleaner, allow the wood floor cleaner to dry completely before applying a maintenance oil.

When applying a recommended maintenance oil like Floor Service Maintenance Oil, always use a soft white buffing pad, other pads can be to abrasive and cause damage to the oiled floor.

  • Buff the flooring from the back of the room working towards the door
  • Ensure that the cable for the buffing machine is kept away from the pad as it could become tangled or damaged
  • Spread the Maintenance oil evenly across the flooring in a snake like pattern
  • Start buffing the maintenance oil consistently onto the floor using a smooth and even action, usually from left to right to prevent burn marks appearing on the oiled surface
  • Work slowly to ensure a deeper penetration of oil
  • Check the white buffing pad at regular intervals to ensure it has not become to dirty

Items required:

  • Floor Service Parquet Cleaner
  • Floor Service Maintenance Oil
  • Floor Service Cleaning Pads
  • Floor Service White Buffing Pads
  • Floorboy XL300 Buffing Machine