The use of Tongue Tite Screws will work in exactly the same way as using a Porter Nailer.

Once you have laid your first row of the flooring, place the first board of the second row in and tap with a hammer until it has fitted nice and tightly. Take your cordless screwdriver and insert the Tongue Tite Screw and insert into the tongue of the wood at a diagonal directly through into the sub-floor. Repeat this process until you reach the end of the room.

It is advisable to insert a Tongue Tite Screw approximately every 30cm, please use your discretion depending on the board length. When you come to the final board of your row, cut accordingly and put in place and install with the Tongue Tite Screw.

Use the remainder of the board from the previous row to start your new row and repeat the process across the rest of the floor using the Tongue Tite Screws.