When investing money for buying a quality floor which will last for years, why not spend a bit more and get a top-class wood flooring underlay?

Flooring and underlay goes together like bread and butter. Although you don't see it, there are numerous reasons that we can provide in order to convince you that wood flooring underlay is an important addition worth spending on. No matter which type of wood flooring underlay you are going to choose though, the advantages will be pretty much the same and it will definitely save you money in the future.

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So what exactly is wood flooring underlay and what makes it essential for use?

In general, wood flooring underlay is a thin, soft layer of cushioning placed underneath the floor. It is usually manufactured from materials such as foam, rubber and recycled fibres and its main purpose is to deliver insulation, reduce the noise and overall, make flooring more comfortable for you to walk on.

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More detailed, the advantages of using an underlay for wood flooring are described below.

Advantages of using a wood flooring underlay:

  • Sound reduction is one of the biggest benefits that an underlay will provide to a room. It is proven that the use of it reduces the noise even by 50%, depending on the type of floor. More clearly, it is underlay that is responsible for minimizing the sound when you are walking on the floor and various other noises that are transferred below the room. As you understand, this is enormously important when you want to create a quite environment whether it is a house or a working space. Imagine how much you would suffer, if there was a family with young children living above you, and you were able to listen to everything.
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  • Insulation against heat is another benefit that you will get from the use of an underlay, as it is able to reduce the amount of heat escaping through the floor due to its density. This obviously affects your wallet too, as it will save you money from the energy bills! In addition it will maintain the temperature inside the room and will keep your feet warm.
  • When considering having an under floor heating, the use of an underlay becomes also essential, as it allows the heat to flow through the room.
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  • Wood flooring underlay is also essential for protecting your floor, and make it last longer over the years. As mentioned in the beginning of this article, an underlay is like a mattress between the sub-floor which is usually made of concrete and the actual floor. Without having one underneath, your flooring will not survive for as much as you think and that's because it enables it to absorb the shocks of footsteps. Additionally it will protect your floor from moisture that might "climb" from the concrete sub-floor.
  • Moreover it will also keep your floor clean, as it is more difficult for the dust and other dirt to come on the surface.
  • Lastly, no company will give you a guarantee for your flooring without installing an underlay underneath it for all the obvious reasons.

Do I always need a wood floor underlay?

It is important to mention that you do not need a wood floor underlay when you have a solid hardwood floor and that's because it is not stable, hence it has to be installed mechanically to the concrete subfloor. On the other hand, you should always attach an underlay when you have engineered or laminate floors for the opposite reason.

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So, are you still thinking if it is worth spending money for a new underlay?

Well, think carefully because anything that is not visible does not mean that is not important!

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