Definition of acrylic sealant:

Acrylic sealant is a synthetic, water-based ingredient made from acrylic resins, used for caulking, jointing and filling cracks and gaps mainly in the construction industry, but not only.

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What is its purpose?

Acrylic sealant provides protection to various surfaces from dust and insects that may come through that gap and its main characteristic is that it stays flexible even after you paint it. This makes it essential for joint filling in construction, as when it is cured it becomes like rubber in terms of quality and building joints need to have the ability to move at some point. Also, the fact that it is an over paintable material makes acrylic sealant ideal for interior and exterior decoration.

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For "extra flexibility", you can always mix it with silicon, something that is unlikely to happen with other type of sealants. The mixture of acrylic with silicon will reduce its drying time but in general this is something that depends on the weather conditions (humidity temperature) of the exact area.

Where to apply acrylic sealant?

Moreover, it can be applied to different materials both indoors and outdoors, as it is resistant to moisture and low or high temperature. Such materials can be: wood, concrete, plastic, brick, glass, or metal. More clearly, some examples of areas that acrylic sealant can be used are: doorframes, windows, building joints and on sanitary ware. Additionally, acrylic sealant can be also used for sealing the joints of scotia. To find more about scotia click here

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You can usually find it in 310ml cartridges and as every person has unique preferences when it comes to decoration, acrylic sealant comes to satisfy most of them with a huge variety of colours to match your own personal style. Note: you'll need to purchase a mastic gun in order to apply acrylic sealant.