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  1. Radiator Pipe Covers

    In today's blog post, I would like to discuss with you what radiator pipe covers are, what their purpose is and how they can be fitted around your radiator pipes.

    In general, when you are installing a new wood or laminate floor, it is extremely important to leave an expansion gap around the perimeter of the walls and against any other fixed objects, such as thresholds, columns and pipes.

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  2. Xps Foam Underlay

    XPS Foam Pad Underlay

    What is xps foam underlay?

    An Xps foam underlay is an eco-friendly, lightweight insulation board, used not only in flooring underlayment, but also in a vast variety of other applications in the construction industry including: wall insulation, perimeter insulation, under concrete slabs and roofs and swimming pool insulation.

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  3. Is Laminate Flooring Suitable for Allergy Sufferers?

    Many people suffering from various allergies, have been asking me whether it is convenient to install a new laminate flooring in their homes or not. Actually, this is is one of the most commonly asked questions here at Floorsave superstore and that's not really a big surprise, if you consider that almost half of the population suffers from some form of allergy.

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  4. Will My Dog Scratch Laminate Flooring?

    Last week I received a rather interesting query about a dog, bamboo and flooring from a lovely lady who is considering new flooring for her home. Read on below to see what it was and what my advice was…

    The Question:

    I have been offered some bamboo flooring from Wickes by a friend to use in my living room but I have a dog. I have read that this type of floor scratches easily. Is this true? If, so what would you recommend instead? Room is 14 x 11'
    Thank you


    Look at the little guy!

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  5. Exotic Hardwood Species

    Now that we've examined the various attributes and qualities of some of the most popular domestic wood flooring species, it's time to see the look and feel you can give to your home, with exotic hardwood flooring. Generally, choosing between domestic and exotic hardwood species can be a challenging decision and in order to identify which one will work best with your overall decoration scheme, is vital to compare them. So before you show up in your local flooring showroom, take some time and review what each of them has to offer.

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