Natural Coir matting in any front door area is a perfect way to reduce the wear of your wood or laminate flooring. Its rough texture will clean any footwear on entering your property. It will also create a lovely feature. In this video tutorial out top floor fitter will show you how to fit a matt well.

The easiest way to start is to measure the width of your door to establish the size required. You will need an End Bar profile to create the well for the matting to sit into. Once you have measured the width of your door, place your profile flat and measure the length required and mark with a pencil on your profile.

Take your profile to your mitre saw and set the saw accordingly at the 45 degree angle and cut your profile. Repeat this for the profile on the opposite side of the door but make sure your mitre saw angle is changed to the opposite direction.

Take your 2 cut lengths back to the door area and put into place marking a line against the bar on the floor. Keep the bars in place and measure the mat well internally to work out the size of your 3rd and final piece, once you have the measurements mark this on your profile with a pencil and again, cut with the mitre saw at the correct angles. Take the final piece back to your door and put the bars into place making sure that your cuts line up.

You will then pull the base tracks from the bar and screw these into the sub-floor for wooden floors, if you have a concrete sub-floor stick the base tracks with a strong adhesive. Once the tracks are in place insert the profile into place the flat side facing inwards. If there are any gaps, use mastic (sealant) to fill them.

Place your Coir Mat into position and if there is any cutting required, mark at either end and then remove the matting from the well. Turn the matting over and with a straight edge cut the matting as required. Please ensure that all cutting is done from the back of the matting. Place your matting into the well making sure it is tight. No adhesive is required the matting is heavy and will sit in the matt well without any movement.