How to Install Laminated Scotia

Fixing Scotia

Laminate Scotia Beading

We recommend pinning the Scotia to the skirting board using either small panel pins or an electrical staple tool. You can also use an adhesive like no-more-nails or similar.

Pin or stapled fixing

Pin or staple the Scotia through the center of the Scotia to reduce the risk of splitting. Try to ensure that the pins are flush or embedded into the Scotia. For a clean finish apply a small amount of matching colored mastic to the head of the nail or staple.

Adhesive fixing

When using adhesive be sure to apply evenly and along the lower section of the skirting so when pressure is applied when fixing to the skirting the excess adhesive is hidden under the Scotia and not exposed along the top. Only apply a fine layer of adhesive as the Scotia is decorative and not load bearing.

Cutting scotia

Cut Scotia Beading

For best results cut the Scotia using a miter saw or miter block this will give a good clean cut when butting to pieces together and will also allow you to cut the angles correctly. The frames of the miter saw or miter block will also help to hold the Scotia when cutting. It is always best to cut off a small section of each piece of Scotia before butting them together as this will give a cleaner join.

Finishing and touching up

Once the Scotia has been installed, use a matching colored mastic to tidy the joins and pins. See how to use mastic for more information.