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Individual Floorboard / Strip Replacement


When individual strips or planks of wood or laminate flooring have suffered damaged, or have shrunk excessively, replacing them is both a viable and safe option. If a board has been severely damaged, you should take into consideration that replacements may differ in colour to the remaining boards as no two batches of flooring are the same. This may result in the newly laid board standing out from the rest due to the color effect of UV ageing.

Also it is important to look into the bevelled ends of boards and the availability of exact lengths needed to replace the affected parts of the floor without having to alter the board. This is crucial if there are a significant amount of boards that may require changing.

Some pre-finished boards have very obvious bevelled edges which are very much a feature of that specific floor type. If the exact lengths of are unavailable, the board must be cut to the appropriate length. During this, the bevelled end should also be removed. The unfinished equivalent differs in the sense that it will not pose many issues in regards to products of fixed lengths, or where the affected board begins or ends a row.

You must execute a number of steps in order to replace the board. Following our advice should guarantee the job is completed effectively.

Stage One: Removing the damaged board or strip