White Laminate Flooring

Although traditionally it is not as well thought of as solid wood flooring in terms of heritage and prestige, white laminate flooring can be an extremely attractive option in terms of durability, affordability, attractiveness and ease of installation and care for homes of all kinds.

White laminate flooring works to create a very clean, light room and fits very well into minimal and modern styles. High-gloss finishes work particularly well in bathrooms.

Laminate is extremely cost-effective and easy to fit, using click-lock fitting and usually does not require professional fitting.

White laminate comes in a variety of thickness but is usually much thinner than engineered wood flooring making it perfect for either electric or water-based underfloor heating.

Why purchase white laminate flooring?

The great advantage of laminate flooring over natural wood flooring is that it is much harder to chip, scratch or damage it in any way, making it ideal if young children or pets are going to be running around or playing on it. Because it is manufactured and not naturally sourced, it is also more affordable than a wood-based floor, but it looks just as attractive thanks to a high-quality photographic layer that is bonded onto the top layer of each plank before it is finished to the owner’s specification.

White Laminate Flooring White Laminate Flooring

In addition, white laminate flooring offers the following benefits:

  • It can be used effectively with underfloor heating
  • It is inflammable
  • It is extremely easy to clean, with only light dusting or mopping required
  • Its white colour means that hairs and dust are not hidden and can be removed, therefore alleviating the suffering of those with allergies

Installation methods

There are three methods which may be used to install the flooring:

  • a floating installation will see the floor propped up on pads rather than nailed or glued down, a technique widely used to reduce noise or vibration throughout flooring
  • a nailed-down installation
  • a glued-down installation

The method used to install your flooring will depend on the room and your requirements as far as sound vibration is concerned.

White laminate flooring pricing

Because the flooring is classed as laminate rather than hardwood, prices are very affordable and are calculated according to the area you wish to cover – the bigger the area, the more it will cost.

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