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Which Wood Floor Is Best for Pets?

Floors and pets
When selecting a wood floor suitable for pets it is better to have all the information you need because no one knows your home or pets better than you. We have broken down the required information into five categories to help with your decision. They are strength, ease of cleaning, ability to repair, resistance to odor and health and hygiene.

In our opinion a good quality Laminate floor or a Solid or Engineered wood with a Lacquered finish is best suited because of the hard wearing layers.

Laminate flooring:

A good quality laminate floor is often considered the best choice with pets in mind.

Solid wood and Engineered wood flooring:

There is very little difference between the surface of a solid wood floor and an engineered wood floor so when making a choice of which is best for pets it’s better to look at the finish of the flooring i.e. lacquered or oiled than the construction of the product itself.

Lacquered finish:

With its hard, durable and easy to clean surface lacquered floors are excellent choices for a home with pets, but bear in mind scratches will occur from time to time.

Oiled finish:

With the right cleaning and maintenance an oiled or brushed & oiled floor can be very rewarding and as it’s easy to repair it can be a great choice for a home with pets.