Engineered Oak Flooring UK

There are a variety of affordably-priced options available throughout today's flooring market for homeowners who want a solid and stylish foundation for each room of their house.

There are a number of different types of wood that are regularly used. Some are more expensive to install than others, but the option with the widest pricing range is oak.

Engineered oak flooring is a cost-effective, elegant and environmentally friendly choice for anyone looking to achieve a vintage-effect in their home or office. Oak remains one of the most popular choices of engineered flooring. Its popularity is due to its gentle grain and light, warm colour.

Oak is perfect for creating a base to build a rustic character for a room with its subtlety and durability.

Modern developments in engineered oak flooring have helped bring the price of owning a wooden floor down considerably. These advances have opened the market to a much wider customer base. Engineered oak flooring works by combining several layers of ply that are glued or heat-pressed to create a strong internal core. The surface veneer consists of around 4mm of solid oak that sits on-top, giving the overall effect of a solid wood floor.

Additionally, it is offered with a click-lock or a tongue and groove locking system, both suitable for an easy, fast and cost-effective installation.

Engineered oak flooring is also an excellent choice for anyone who has asthma or dust allergies. It is also ideal for areas of the home where there is high humidity or temperature fluctuations.

There are some great sources of information out there on all aspects of flooring. The Flooring Advice Forum offers the chance to discuss key issues on anything from carpet to antique solid wood flooring. Or, if you're looking for help with issues regarding the flooring industry try the British Wood Floor Association.

Why Purchase Engineered Oak Flooring?

Engineered oak flooring is very popular because it is available in a diverse range of styles and finishes. Each of which affects the price of the wood and offers a different effect to the room in which it is installed. Oak offers an air of stature and sophistication, harking back to its prestigious past when it graced – and still graces – mansions, government buildings and other grand structures.

Engineered Oak Flooring 1 Engineered Oak Flooring 2

Thanks to increasingly sustainable harvesting practices and responsible usage, it is easier than ever for homeowners to tap into that prestige. In addition, thanks to its unique grain patterning, it is an always-attractive option, and it tends to only look better with age. There are a range of further benefits for those purchasing an engineered oak floor: 

  • It is hard-wearing and resistant to fungal infections, which saves you money
  • It is moisture-resistant and will repel damp and rot
  • It is suitable for use in conjunction with floor heating systems

Installation Methods

Oak flooring is easy enough to install using the following techniques:

  • a floating installation
  • a nailed-down installation
  • a glued-down installation

With the floating method, the removal of planks for repair or replacement is made easier but the underlay must be of a high quality, so it is important to keep that in mind when making your decision.

Engineered Oak Flooring Pricing

The price of oak flooring, in addition to being dictated by the size of the area to be covered, is also affected by the thickness of the planks to be used and any type of finish that they might have undergone. The more basic the floor is (though it is recommended that you always have it finished in order to protect it), the less it will cost.

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