Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered wood flooring is the most popular type of wood flooring used by homeowners all over the world today. Many people tend to confuse it with laminate flooring but it is, in fact, totally different. Laminate floors have a printed image of wood that is bonded to the surface to give its final appearance. Engineered oak flooring on the other hand is made from real wood and its appearance is identical to a solid hardwood floor. An engineered floor, however, comes at a better price and is far easier to install. In addition to these immediate benefits; an engineered wood floor's stability and resistance to expansion and contraction due to seasonal changes in ambient humidity, is superior to that of a solid wood floor. Consequently, installations are far less prone to some of the issues that can potentially affect solid wood floors such as: gapping, bridging and cupping.

Recent industry developments have brought us further options to consider. Engineered herringbone parquet is a relatively new product that is proving to be highly popular and currently we are stocking this in white, smoked, grey, natural and unfinished oak varieties. Other developments include: click lock installation systems and UV oiled products that resist fading due to sunlight. Our engineered floors are arranged in the collections below.

What is it Made of?

Multiple layers of ply are glued and heat pressed together forming the core with a hardwood layer (the lamella), bonded to the top surface of the core to form a plank. The core part is made from a layered, plywood type of material, which makes the use of a tongue and groove jointing system ideal. These layers, alternately, run in opposite directions, providing the core with extra strength and greater stability than a solid wood floor. This makes the engineered core far less susceptible to swelling or shrinking caused by humidity.

The top, thicker layer known as the lamella, is made from solid wood and is available in different thicknesses that range from 2.5mm to 6mm depending on the price and type of wood flooring you purchase. The thicker the lamella is, the more times it can be sanded and refinished. Additionally, engineered wood flooring comes in a variety of wood species, colours, widths of plank and finishes to suit any home and style. Some of the wood species you can choose from are oak and walnut.

The lamella is what you see once the floor is installed and the core part is what makes the floorboard strong and stable. Guarantees for this type of wood floor vary from ten to thirty years.

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