XPS Foam Pad Underlay

What is xps foam underlay?

An Xps foam underlay is an eco-friendly, lightweight insulation board, used not only in flooring underlayment, but also in a vast variety of other applications in the construction industry including: wall insulation, perimeter insulation, under concrete slabs and roofs and swimming pool insulation.

How is it manufactured?

It is manufactured from extruded polystyrene, through a continuous plastic extrusion process and comes in the form of foam pallets. More specifically, the polystyrene is melted in an extruder machine and then blended under high pressure with a foaming agent (usually carbon dioxide), causing the polystyrene to obtain the form of a foam board. The result is a strong, closed-sell foam material, which is easy to cut and shape, does not crumble, is resistant to mould and moisture and most importantly won't rot or age.

Note that xps foam is a fully recyclable material and since it does not deteriorate, it can be reused or recycled when no longer needed.

Benefits of xps foam underlay:

  • Xps foam underlay looks pretty much like a wood fibre board, but with higher insulation values. One of its main advantages, is definitely the fact that it helps to reduce energy consumption. To further explain this, an xps foam underlay prevents the heat from escaping through your floor by reflecting it back towards the surface. As you can understand, this will not only reduce your energy bill, but will also have positive air emission benefits.
  • Apart from its high thermal insulation performance, xps foam is also effective against cold and damp. Its closed-sell structure will ensure superior moisture resistance and prevent any water or damp entering the house through the sub-floor. You can be sure that this insulating material will not go mouldy.
  • Another advantage of xps foam, is its excellent soundproofing ability. It makes the floor quieter to walk on and reduces the sound transmission travelling from an upper room, to the room below it.
  • Although Xps foam underlay is a lightweight insulation board, it features a high compressive strength and has the ability to withstand a wide range of heavy loads.
  • It is easy to lay and suitable for anyone installing laminate, engineered or solid wood flooring, where there is minor unevenness on the sub floor.