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Are you a dog owner and you don't really know which wood floor is best for dogs?

According to, more than 23% of homeowners in the UK own at least one dog today and if you are one of them, then this article aims to give you an insight about the best options and what to be aware of, when choosing a "dog friendly" wood floor.

The fact is that we all love dogs (hopefully), but who wants to risk money, especially in tough financial times like the ones we are experiencing nowadays?

As you already know, buying a wood floor is probably the biggest investment you can make after your home. For those who own pets and more specifically dogs, it is really important to know which type of wood floor is best to choose, in order to avoid any possible damages or scratches, once the floor is fitted.

Although many people will argue that wood flooring is not suitable at all for dogs, we are here to tell you the opposite. Wood flooring really is the best option for both you and your four legged friend, as long as it is manufactured with a hard wearing layer.

The first major thing that you need to know when choosing a dog-friendly floor is to avoid softwood such as pine trees, aspen or fir trees and invest in hardwood flooring instead (mahogany, oak, maple, cherry, etc.). The reason is that softwood is weaker than hardwood and it won't last as long as if you have hardwood floor.

Generally, softwood can dent and get scratched quite easily; thus, hardwood type of material is a far better option for dog owners, as it is durable and has a more dense structure.

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Another important factor worth considering when choosing an ideal floor for your dog is the type finish.

From what we've learned through our 20 years of experience in the wood flooring industry, you can either go for a laminate, engineered, or solid wood floor with a brushed and oiled finish because of the hard wearing layers. Also make sure that it can be refinished if it is necessary in the future.

  • Solid wood floor might be the most expensive option but you can sand it if you need to
  • Laminate flooring has an extremely tough and durable surface which helps to prevent possible scratches caused from your dog's claws. Clearly you won't have to worry about scratches, dent and moisture
  • Engineered wood flooring with a brushed and oiled finish is also a good option as it will hide any scratches caused by claws

Additionally, it is better if you go for a hand scraped hardwood. Scratches and dents are less obvious with hand scraped hardwood flooring because of its look and design.

Moreover, remember to go for lighter colours. The reason is that scratches are more obvious on a darker surface, while you will struggle to spot any scratches on lighter colours. Oak is highly recommended, as it has a naturally light colour.

Also make sure that you clear up immediately any urine from the floor, as if it stays for long time on the surface, it can cause deep staining which is extremely hard to remove.

Lastly, whatever your option will be in the end, remember to trim your dog's claws frequently if you don't want them to ruin your brand new wood floor straight away. Especially if you own a Jack Russell, or another dog breed whose main characteristic is hyper activity.

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