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Why protecting your hallway is important?

So you just installed your new hardwood flooring in the hallway and you are scared it's not going to last long, due to the harsh wear and tear that will suffer on a daily basis. Let me tell you that is absolutely normal to have this feeling, since the hallway is the highest-traffic area of a house and your new flooring will be more subject to scratches, stains and dents by various elements, than in any other room.

Guests, pets, bicycles, new furniture and generally everything and everyone who is coming and leaving your home, will pass through your hallway. By following a few certain steps explained below, you will ensure that your new flooring remains beautiful, clean and undamaged during time. After all, it is the hallway that creates the first impression of your home.

Ways to protect your hallway from everyday life:

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One of the easiest ways to protect your hallway from excessive wear and tear, is to place a good quality doormat in front of your door. The doormat will "catch" any dirt and grime before it enters your home and encourage your guests to remove their shoes when visiting you. This is really essential, as you want to avoid any scratches and dents from high heels and things that get stuck underneath shoes. Size is important here, so make sure you choose a large enough mat, in order to allow a few steps more before anyone enters your hallway.

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An alternative way to protect your hallway from everyday life and make walking without shoes a pleasant experience, is to position a hallway runner. This product will not only protect your hallway from moisture, possible scratches and dents, but will also add warmth and colour to the room. They are easy to clean and made to be hard-wearing and durable. Especially for those having a pet, it becomes necessary to have a hallway runner, as pets tend to run to the main door in order to welcome you or your visitors.

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Moreover, area rugs are also ideal for protecting your hallway from scratches and spillages. If you allow your furniture to be in contact with your new flooring, it is very likely that scratches and marks will occur. By placing an area rug under sofas, tables, chairs etc. you can prevent your hallway from getting damaged, by possible movement of the furniture. Alternatively, you could use felt pads or furniture sliders for items too heavy to carry for long distances. To find out more about felt pads, click here.

Another element that may damage your hallway is water or any other type of liquid. It is really important to always keep your flooring in the hallway dry, as dark spots will appear if water stays on it for an extended period. To avoid this happening, wipe immediately away any spillages with a dry cloth, before any water or liquid has the chance to penetrate the floor. Additionally, a good idea would be to place a coat stand in the hallway, so you can hang your wet jacket/clothes when entering your home on a rainy day.

Note: Never, ever clean your hardwood floor with a wet mop. Instead, use a dry mop or simply a vacuum cleaner. The ideal would be to use products specifically designed to clean wooden surfaces.

Finally, all wooden floors regardless of the degree of use have a normal wear, whose signs are inevitable over the years. To maintain the surface at its best and ensure that the flooring looks always like new, maintenance oil for wood flooring should be applied once or twice a year.

Prevention is the key for protecting your hallway from everyday life and by following these tips, you will ensure it stays looking as it did when you first decorate it. If you have any further questions regarding the subject, leave me a comment, and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.