Are you interested to buy a real hardwood floor for your home, but you don't know if you can really afford it? Why not go for an oak laminate flooring instead?

A good looking floor doesn't have to cost you a fortune nowadays, thanks to the technological advances that allow us to produce alternative options to real wood flooring.

Oak laminate flooring will give a natural appearance to your home as an authentic oak, and it will cost you a lot less than if authentic oak is used.

More detailed, even though this type of flooring appears to timber, it is not made from real oak or wood veneers.  Instead, it consists of several different layers pressed together at high temperatures, and then topped with a photographic image of authentic oak to form what we know as oak laminate flooring.

Most of the times, it is very difficult to spot the difference between them, but you definitely can't do the same mistake with the price.

Why oak laminate flooring?

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Oak is the most popular design in laminate flooring and one of the biggest selling products in the flooring industry, complimenting the current trends for real wood flooring.

The reason for that is that oak has a natural, antique colour that allows you to combine it with almost every décor and type of furniture design. In addition, its hard wearing makes it ideal for every modern house today and not only.

This implies that oak gives you a distinct advantage over other designs of laminate flooring such as cherry or mahogany, as you won't need to redecorate your house and spend money for new furniture. After all we suppose that you want to save money rather than spending.

Another reason for choosing oak laminate flooring is the fact that you have the option to choose between a big range of colours, according to your own needs and personal style.

The colours are divided in three categories: light, medium and dark and some of the options that you have are:

  • Cornwall Oak
  • Natural Oak
  • Dark ash plank,
  • Albany Oak
  • Brissac Oak
  • Memphis Oak and more

Oak laminate flooring is also available in a variety of thicknesses,  sizes and strips (3 strip, single plank),  and this allows you to customize your own floor, by giving a natural beauty to home, which will last for years if maintained properly.


3 strip laminate flooring

Advantages of oak laminate flooring:

Overall the advantages of oak laminate flooring are:

  • They are available at affordable prices compare to solid oak flooring
  • They will add elegance and long lasting beauty to your home by having a natural appearance
  • They are quite easy to install, and you can even do it yourself, as they don't need any special skills or tools
  • They are durable and scratch resistant
  • They are perfect, for areas that are expected to receive high traffic
  • They are friendly to the environment