This blog post aims to give you an idea, about what you can do with an old wooden ladder that is not being used any longer. Before you decide to get rid of it, keep in mind that there are many ways to make something new out of something old. So why not make a nice shelf with it for your child's bedroom? Image courtesy by Image courtesy by When the wooden staircase is painted in a cheerful colour of your choice, it can be used as a shelf which will be screwed securely to the wall and will “host” the toys of your child, giving them a decorative character. Image courtesy by Image courtesy by If you are lucky enough to have two children, one of each gender, it is better to avoid painting the room pink or blue. Instead, it is better to use grey colour (in any shade preffered). Grey becomes a canvas that gets illuminated in an impressive way if you choose decorative objects, carpets and curtains in a bright colour.