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Laminate flooring has become so popular among home owners in recent years, due to it's low cost, ease of maintenance and installation. The fact that it is an extremely durable material that can hold up well to wear and tear and doesn't need much of your time for cleaning, make it an ideal alternative solution, for those who want the natural look of wood, at a low price.

As an ex-floor layer, I believe that the biggest advantage laminate flooring has to offer, is it's simple installation process. Is fast and easy and you can walk on it on the same day once installed. It can be fitted over any type of sub-floor and the best part of it, is that everyone can do it without any prior experience. Hence, you can avoid the installation costs. It's click and locking system, allows you to snap and secure the planks together, without the use of messy adhesives.

However, in a few circumstances, depending on which room of your house you wish to install laminate flooring, is best to use also glue in order to secure the planks together.

The only equipment you'll need to install your laminate flooring, is a laminate floor fitting kit. You can get one at a very low price and it contains all the necessary tools required to do it yourself.

Laminate floor fitting kit includes:

  • Tough hammering block

    The tough hammering block is used to secure the planks together once you snap them. Using the hammering block and a hammer, knock gently the two pieces together to secure. Avoid using a hammer directly on the tongue of the board, as you may damage it.

  • Pull bar

    This is a necessary tool when installing a laminate floor with the floating method. In tight spaces, where you can't use your tough hammering block, use the pull bar to pull planks together. You will definitely need it when you fit the last row of your laminate, against the wall.

  • 20 spacers

    Using the spacers around the perimeter of the wall, you ensure that the required expansion gap is left for the floor to expand and contract.

  • PVA spatula

    Use the PVA spatula to remove any unwanted glue from the planks.

At Floorsave, you will find a laminate floor fitting kit for only £11.99 plus VAT