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Although hardwood floors are durable and easy to maintain, they are sensitive to scratches caused by moving and sliding furniture. Even if you don't move your furniture at all over the years, their legs will leave unsightly marks onto the floor.

This occurs when they hold a lot of weight, such as someone sleeping on a bed. To avoid this happening and keep your floor in its best condition, felt pads should be placed on the legs of all furniture units such as chairs, tables, beds, sofas and more.

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Moreover, felt pads are an affordable way to protect your wood floor from abrasion, marks and scratches. As the name implies, they are made out of felt (or sometimes from rubber) and contain adhesive material on one side. Additionally, these pads are available in a variety of colours, sizes and thicknesses, to fit any furniture underside. For heavier furniture, wider felt pads are required to cushion the weight from the floor.

Installation of felt pads:

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Felt pads are easy to apply. You just have to place them underneath the furniture legs and they will stick on them. That easy! You only need to ensure that each pad is placed correctly, with the felt side touching the floor and positioned in the centre of each leg.

However some homeowners find it difficult to keep the felt pads steady under the furniture legs. For a better end result, you'll need to use sandpaper in order to make the bottom of the legs smoother. Additionally, it is important to clean any dust or grim around the legs and check the pads periodically to ensure that they haven't lost their adhesive faculty.

How much they will cost me?

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You'll be amazed at how well felt pads will protect your wood floor and hold your furniture steady on to it. You can purchase them from any furniture or hardware store and they will cost you only a few pounds (Usually no more than £5). It is a must buy product that every homeowner needs as felt pads or furniture pads, will stop the contact of furniture with your wood floor and make their moving a lot easier.

Since hardwood floors are probably the most expensive purchases after houses, why not spend a few pounds more to protect them? Felt pads will surely save you money and time over the years.