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Whether you've just bought your first home, are upsizing/downsizing or updating a tired "look", decorating your home can be a daunting task. Don't make the mistake of so many other people by rushing into things. Having a detailed checklist and order of projects will help prevent the disaster of having to redo things. Putting carpet down, for instance, and then having to take it up again to fit a stud wall is one example. Of course, there are always some hiccups along the way, but with this handy checklist, you should be able to minimise extra costs or unexpected setbacks.

Know What You Want

It sounds rather obvious, but many people do get a bit over keen when it comes to DIY and decor. They go out and buy paint, flooring and furnishing without having a firm grasp on the finished product. Avoid this by taking the time to plan each room through. A great way to do this is a "mood board". Buy some decorating magazines, fetch some samples of each of the new elements in the room and put them together on paper. This is especially important if you can envisage any conflict of tastes within the household! Hash out and compromise with loved ones on each new room, far better than having to restart!

Know What You Have

You probably already have key pieces of furniture that will be staying put, or wall art that you'd like to include in your new room. Ensure there's no clash by matching up samples and colour charts with these.

Mens Coat Measuring Tape Measure, measure, measure

It should be a given that measuring floor and wall space is vital, but don't forget that access is a key component too. That sofa might look amazing in the showroom but if you can't get it up the stairs or through the front door, it will never look good in your lounge; it will just block the hallway. This is also vital for ordering paint and flooring: it is better to over order, but not by so much that you could start your own DIY shop. There are plenty of online tools to use to calculate what you'll need, or ask the suppliers for their advice.


If you are hiring outside help with any of the tasks at hand, ensure that they know what they are doing and when. See if they are willing to be flexible with start dates in case you run over on the projects you are doing yourself. Ask their expert advice on anything you're unsure on. Make sure deliveries of materials will arrive on time, check with suppliers if they can guarantee dates.

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Keep it Together

Both in the emotional sense and in the planning sense. Organise your samples and measurements and costings in one place so that you can keep track of budgets and kit that you have and need.

Where to Start

The walls are the starting point for most home decorating projects, then woodwork such as dado rails and skirting boards. Then comes flooring and, after that, you are ready to move in furniture, window treatments and furnishings.

So, in summary, before embarking on your home decorating project, here is our suggested checklist (feel free to alter for your own use):

Plan the look of each room carefully; checking the whole household is happy

  • Bear in mind existing furniture and fixtures
  • Measure everything
  • Make a list of items to be bought and calculate amount needed
  • Contact suppliers for materials
  • Organise labourers
  • Keep everything together in one place
  • Do things in order