Many people have been scratching their heads and asking us which is the best wood flooring for kitchens. Some years ago, this was an easy decision due to the limited options in the wood flooring market. But with so many flooring options today, we understand that this can be an overwhelming decision.

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How to choose wood flooring for kitchen

There are many factors to consider when choosing the ideal flooring for your kitchen, such as your budget, lifestyle or the style that you want to give to the room. However, the two most important factors are: the traffic that your kitchen is expected to receive and the ability of each floor to resist moisture and moisture damage.

Kitchens today are not used only for cooking and having a lunch. More and more families are using their kitchen in the same way they would use their living room, for example to gather with friends, or play board games with their children. Thus, if you know that your kitchen will be heavily used, it is necessary to choose something durable and at the same time easy to maintain.

Although different types of wood flooring are manufactured to stand heavy traffic, not all of them are resistant to moisture. That's a major element if you want to avoid damage from water that might be spilled on the floor.

Engineered wood flooring for kitchen

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Engineered wood flooring is probably the best wood flooring option for a kitchen. It looks like a solid wood floor, but in fact is cheaper and more resistant when it comes to moisture and moisture damage.

The boards consist of multiple layers of fibreboard or plywood, all glued and heat pressed together and then topped with a wood veneer layer. And this is exactly what makes an engineered wood flooring durable and ideal for kitchens. The layers that run in opposite directions, provide extra strength, while making it impossible for the boards to swell or shrink when they come into contact with water.

Solid wood flooring for kitchen

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Solid wood flooring from the other side consists of a classical and timeless element that can add extra value to your house, but is not the best option for a kitchen. Although it is best suitable for areas that are expected to receive high traffic, it is sensitive to moisture and is best to avoid as it tends to expand and contract with humidity and temperature fluctuations.

If you decide that you want a solid wood floor for your kitchen though, choose one that is factory finished with polyurethane.

Laminate flooring for kitchen

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Laminate flooring is another popular option for a kitchen. It is durable, easy to install, clean and maintain and comes at a low cost. Additionally for those who smoke after a meal, laminate flooring will be the best choice as it is resistant when it comes into contact with cigarettes.

It is available in different styles and finishes and can be manufactured to have the appearance of nearly everything. If you don't want to spend much time for cleaning and maintenance, then that's the type of floor you are looking for your kitchen.