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Are you on the lookout for the most durable, versatile, scratch-resistant and pet-friendly floor? If you are all set for a new flooring endeavour for your home and have a pet at house, folks it’s a high time to consider pet-friendly flooring choice. After all, you would never think of abandoning your adorable pet. The cute furry pets are floor-bound. Fortunately, homeowners have myriad flooring choices to choose from.


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So, without any further ado let’s get started. 


The prime consideration to keep in mind-


  • Pet ease and comfort
  • Traction
  • Scratch-resistant 


Laminate Flooring


Guys, you will be amazed to learn that laminate flooring excels in scratch resistance. Although this floor is for moderate traffic, the beauty of this amazing Laminate flooring option is that it wards off scratches incredibly and is ultra-smooth underfoot. Reasonable maintenance and water-resistant are added advantage. 



Engineered Wood Flooring


Still indecisive? Umm worry not! One of the mainstream flooring choices of homeowners is none other than Engineered Wood Flooring. Although they are not very much recommended if you have a pet at your house.


Hardwood Flooring


A high-budget option but a popular choice among the homeowners these days. Trust me if you maintain them well this flooring is bliss for your house. This is much costlier than Engineered Flooring. If you have been eyeing immaculate, neat and plush option as well as scratch-resistant for your house remodelling, as well as pet-friendly flooring, wood flooring is your go-to choice.



Bottom Line


We certainly understand that for pet owners it’s a big task as you would factor into account the wear and tear as well as the maintenance along with the aesthetics. The highly pet-resistant flooring will be the one that is scratch as well as moisture resistant. The flooring choice you look for should be able to withstand damage from sharp claws and edgy toenails. Make sure that the floor is anti-slippery to avoid injury to your pets. Hope after reading this article, choosing the flooring won't be a grueling task. 


Hope it has been a well-informative read.