Why do I need to use maintenance oil for wood floors?

To keep your oiled floor at its very best for a long time, it is crucial to maintain it using the right products. Apart from the fact that regularly cleaning is required, if your wood floor comes with an oiled finish, it is important for you to apply once or twice a year a maintenance oil, depending on how dull and tired it looks. This will enrich the colour of your floor and at the same time ensure a long lasting protection and beauty. (To find out more about maintenance oil and it's advantages, click here).

When do I need maintenance oil for wood floors?

When your wood flooring gets dull and dry in appearance, it is a sign that it probably needs to be re-oiled. This becomes more clear, when the floor is holding the dust and dirt even with regularly cleaning. With a few words, once your floor becomes difficult to clean, it is the right time to apply maintenance oil.

How to apply maintenance oil for wood floors

Since many people have been asking us how to apply maintenance oil for wood floors, we decided that the best answer would be to create a video tutorial. Although this is an easy procedure, attention to detail is important when applying such product, as excess oil on the surface can cause a big trouble when dried.

Kenny will show you the right way, and hopefully by the end of this post you will be able to carry out this procedure by yourself.

Tools required for applying maintenance oil for wood floors.

  • Maintenance oil (obviously) one litre is enough for approximately 80 square meters.
  • 100 Grit sand paper
  • Lint free cloth
  • Before you start applying the maintenance oil for wood floors, make sure you remove all the furniture from the room.
  • After the maintenance is applied, it takes 6 to 12 hours for the floor to dry.